Tuesday, February 09, 2010


No, not the memory kind, a different kind. I was out on a Microsoft Access training course today - I'm great with Excel, but I've never really done anything with Access, and it's a bit like being the world memory champion in that if you're good with Excel, everyone assumes you know everything about every vaguely-related computer software. Still, now I know enough about Access to bluff my way through a conversation, so my reputation is assured.

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Mike said...

I love access.
You can automate third party application key presses with it,
develop prototype GUIs in weeks rather than months.

But because there are so many 'amateur' coders, a lot of companies think that it is a toy.
It has taken me years to pick up enough tips from other people to say that I know my way around it.

With Excel, an 'amateur' VBA coder can write really hard to maintain code but Access encourages code stemming off buttons and other meaningful objects. It's a joy and pushes past the hindrances of VLookup.