Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking out of the inbox

I hate it when I've got lots of emails that I need to reply to. There's at least half a dozen of them waiting for me, but I'm just not in an emailing kind of mood. So I thought I'd make a sort of general apology on my blog, and vaguely promise to reply to everyone who's expecting a reply at some point in the next couple of days. I promise!

Now, since I did also promise to write more lengthy bloggings, let's talk about football. I don't really do that enough, and it's really a quite exciting season this year. In the three-way fight for the league title, my head says Chelsea will win it comfortably, but I'm trying to ignore it and root for Arsenal. It'd be nice to have a (sort of) change at the top after however many years of Man Utd and Chelsea, and besides, Arsenal's games have been more fun to watch this season, so they deserve a bonus point for that.

As for the league cup, which I'm watching at the moment, it looks like Aston Villa v Man U in the final, and it would be great if Villa could win it - they've been really uncharacteristically good just lately, and also a win would get them one of those precious Europa League places, which feeds into the rather more mean-spirited side of following the football this year...

Yes, like all vaguely neutral football fans, I've enjoyed watching Liverpool's continuing saga of (by their standards) disastrous results, and I'm rather hoping that they'll manage to fail to qualify for Europe at all next year, never mind the Champions League. Just because it would be funny to see them do a low-budget version of 2005, and have to whine that surely the Europa League winner should be allowed to defend the title. So I think it would be good if they finish in seventh or eighth and everyone points and laughs at them.

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