Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

I HATE icy pavements! It takes me ten times longer to get from A to B, even if I don't slip over and cripple myself. I'm going to start carrying a flamethrower around with me so I can melt the ice. I'm not sure where you go to buy a flamethrower, but I'm sure they're available on the internet.


Corraling Cats said...

B&Q. You can buy Flame Throwers for getting the weeds between the patio slabs. They are only small, but get the job done :)

Mike said...

On xmas Eve, I thought that I could use a pedestrian island but the pavement leading to the start of it was super icey. Soon, I was not sure whether to continue towards the kerb or quit and find another place to cross the road. There came a point where it was like a checkmate: any direction would likely trip me up. I do not know how the older generation cope because I couldn't.

Happy New Year