Sunday, November 22, 2009

Extra post

Because some things can't wait until tomorrow's blogging. I take back everything I've ever said about Wikipedia. You've got to admire the kind of article-writing skill that, in the page about Japanese young children's cartoon Anpanman, describes Anpanman and his enemy Baikinman as "physical representations of moral dualism".

The computer screen that displayed the numbers and things for us to memorise in the MRI machine in Tokyo had a starting display of Anpanman saying "Please wait". I surprised the scientists by knowing who he was.


bear said...

Give an example of three cartoons from your images and story to link them.

Zoomy said...


I don't understand why you keep asking this question. I've already answered it to the best of my ability. If you don't like the answer, explain why, don't just ask the same question again (this is about the fourth time in the last week) and hope I answer something different this time.

THIS ISN'T A MEMORY FORUM, IT'S MY BLOG! Gah! I long for the days when all my comments were from people I'd accidentally mortally offended somehow...

bear said...

You know, What an angry Bear looks like!

Ben Pridmore , the men who is doing charity for children and he is so kind heart and helpful to others that I don't have words to explain. YOU only think about yourself and don't care what others feels about you. Their emotions, their feelings and respect for you; forgot, YOU are an expert in kicking the emotions of others.

If you do care about others then continue reading and answer the following. It is YOU who can explain it to me; because it's your system and you are the inventor, damn.

The journey got started when I first watched your documentary "THE SUPERHUMAN GENIUS'. You have successfully memorized the 13 digit bar codes of items. Then you give an example of how you memorized that- You explained- " A lemon being fed to the sas.. something watch wearing a plastic mac and concealing a pack of sausages into leg".


Lemon being fed to.. Do watch has a mouth.

Who is wearing a plastic mac. Is it a living being.

After this.. He is sailing the tentacle who is rising as a superhuman in a suit of armor and I am planting a flag in the garden.

Do you also see Yourself while imagining..

Do tentacle first raised or first he got dressed in armor.

Where the LEFT TO RIGHT ORDER is maintained. Explain..

Journey continues to learn the effective memory system and I got introduced with your three image strategy. These three images makes a circle in which one image is associated to the next.


And you explained to us that first image will be interacting with the last image.

Do you first see those three images then makes the story or first two then third. In this way Is it possible for every combination that third image got filled with the association of the first image.

Jayasimha, asked you yesterday about these three images-

"A glass of water, next a book, then a globe."

What I imagined A glass of water resting on a book or / a water falls from the glass onto a book and then I have to associate a globe to make a circle. So I imagined a globe..BLANK.. NO REPLY from my mind. Here I need YOU and NO REPLY from you, If I would have asked the same.

A growing plant needs support, damn. Yes, we do practice and try the system ourself but sometimes its impossible to get the association. Your charity is waste if your behavior is like this. God is not going to give you anything.

"Human, it doesn't matter how much hard work you did in your life, but how many are benefited from your work?"

Simon Orton said...

Bear, I haven't seen the documentary but I think the word you missed was probably 'sasquatch'.

Ben, you have my sympathy.

R Jayasimha said...

You are right bear.
Ben, why don't you write an article on this. I mean explain 30 images in ten lines in the groups of three. So that the problem of associating the third image would be permanently solved!

Zoomy said...

Bear, you are the rudest and most selfish person I have ever met in the whole of the internet. You give a bad name to bears everywhere, and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. I'm glad my teddy bears aren't like you - although to be honest they can be a little self-centred too, they rarely ask for memory advice but their questions are invariably along the lines of "Can I have a hug?" or "Why don't you play with us more?" It's all me me me with toys.

And yes, a sasquatch is a monster, not a watch. In "Superhuman Genius", as far as I can remember, I was memorising 13-digit barcodes, so I did them in four-image combinations with an extra image in front representing the item being bought. Lemon, sasquatch, mac, sausages, leg - "Lemon" was whatever I was buying, lemons probably, then 010317040526. The first digit I remembered either by making the item-image start with the appropriate letter (L for 5), or just by remembering what it was. You don't always need memory techniques in life.

Also, my images aren't really a circle, they're a line. I don't go back and associate the third image with the first, I move on to the next location and associate the third image on one location with the first on the next.

Now go away and water yourself. If you're a growing plant, you're not one I've planted, you're a weed that has sprung up in my living room and keeps shouting at me and ordering me to answer silly questions.

bear said...

OK I will keep coming up like this in your living room until you have answered R Jayasimha's question. He is so kind in his asking and his advice of writing an article for us should be followed, at least once. And then we will disappear.. forever..

bear said...

You don't look like a Britisher???

R Jayasimha said...

Stupid bear.