Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy birthday!

So very many people have said that to me today, either face-to-face or electronically, that I really have no choice but to obey and be happy. Thank you, everyone! Special mention to my number one fan, Mike, for this:

And to Steve of the Fact of the day blog, who has made me today's fact, albeit with the assertion that I was born in 1967 rather than 1976.

And, for that matter, that I was born in Derby rather than Boston - my wikipedia page used to say I was born in Derby until Tim the Enchanter deleted all my birth details earlier this year because they were unverifiable. Perhaps I should post my birth certificate online, a la Barack Obama, but I can't really be bothered.


Ace* said...

Happy birthday old chum. Sorry the meet came to nothing - try again next year? ;0) xx

Mike Carroll said...

lovely photo i must say ;)!

i was really suprised to see how few pictures of zoomzoom there are on the internet. love for pocket dragon adventures :( hope you had a great bday!