Sunday, September 06, 2009

International affairs

Does anyone know anything about the upcoming Slovenian Memory Championship? There's a website, but it's all in some foreign language (I don't actually know what language they speak in Slovenia nowadays) so I don't know any details about it. It clashes with the British Othello Championship, in the even more exotic and mysterious locale of Frimley Green, so I can't go along and see what it's like, but I hope some information about the event will somehow leak into my consciousness. I've never heard of anyone Slovenian even taking an interest in memory competitions...

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Florian said...

Hi Ben, the Slovenians are members of MemoryXL. We help them to organize their first competition. I am sure that Michael Gloschewski and Boris Konrad can help you with any further questions.

To read the slowenian website you should use Google Translator:

This ist the translated website -