Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's gone!

SAS Furniture, down the road! That shop's been there forever, and now it's turned into Bubble-It! I don't even know what Bubble-It sells! Maybe it... bubbles things. Anyway, it doesn't sell furniture, probably, and it's an outrage!

As I mentioned in a blog only a month or so ago, SAS Furniture has always been on the corner there. Whenever we used to drive into Beeston on the way to Grandma's house (being modern, and keen to avoid big bad wolves, we took the car via Beeston instead of skipping through the woods), we'd go past the place. What with that and Woolworth's, I'm getting extremely fed up with the modern age. When I work out exactly who's responsible for the entirety of the world's problems, I'm going to go around to his/her house/bungalow and shout at them. Loudly.


Anonymous said...

The rsponisble person is called Alan Greenspan. He was chairman of The Federal Reserve until recently. It will be a long trip to his house though Ben.

As ever with financial problems, this one was predicted years ago by the financial press.


Anonymous said...

"I don't even know what Bubble-It sells!". I think there might be a few clues on their shop window.