Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A letter to the council

I have a rule that I don't talk politics in this blog, but since my post today consisted of a glossy leaflet from my MP (who, despite being acquainted with Chris, isn't someone I've formed a good impression of during my time in his constituency) and a council tax bill, and since I can't think of anything else to talk about, let's poke fun at the stupidness of the booklet that comes with it.

Council tax around here ("around here" meaning I'm pointing fingers at Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council, specifically, just so everybody knows who I'm deriding. Wouldn't want to offend any neighbouring councils) is extremely high, so it's fun to see how they try to justify it. The best part is a section called "Setting the record straight", a summary of the complaints that a 'Citizens Panel' came up with, and the Council's answer to them.

The consultation exercise gave rise to a number of comments, we would like everyone to know the real situation:

"Our roads are in a poor state"

Compared to other counties, the condition of our major roads is amongst the best in the country and our minor roads are above average condition.

"You have too many people on high salaries."

75% of our non-school staff are paid less than the national average. A few years ago we reviewed our senior management structures and saved £1 million.

It goes on in this vein. I just love that kind of "if you don't like it, go and live in Russia" response! It is of course true that the roads around here are awful and the top-pay-grade council staff are vastly overpaid, and I suppose it's nice that they're not denying it, but are they really implying that because the situation is arguably worse elsewhere, they don't need to do anything about it?

Really, it's this kind of hypocrisy that someone ought to do something about. Come the revolution, brothers, they'll be the first against the wall. Meanwhile, I'll just go back to not reading these stupid council pamphlets and watching cartoons instead.


Chris said...

isn't someone I've formed a good impression of during my time in his constituency

I'm kind of curious to know why, though I fear that that would involve you breaking your self-imposed "no blogging about politics" rule. (Again.)

At least, please stop me wondering: I hope I didn't spoil his reputation with you by means of bringing your world championship to his attention...

Zoomy said...

See, this is exactly why I forbid myself from talking about politics - it leads me to say rude things about people and then regret it.

Really, I'm sure he's a very nice person, I just have a general prejudice against all politicians. Nasty things, the lot of them.

And also there's the fact that my own political leanings, as I've mentioned the various other times I've broken my no-politics rule, tend towards the socialist (or, more accurately, the can't-people-just-be-nice-to-one-another), which means I'm leaning at about a 180-degree angle to the modern Labour party.

And finally, I seem to be deluged just lately by glossy flyers in the post from my MP, telling me that it's important to vote Labour because they want to fix the economy, whereas the Conservatives want the recession to happen. Seriously. All in all, Nick gives the impression of being someone who devotes all his time to making sure he gets re-elected, rather than to doing whatever it is MPs are supposed to do.

Perhaps I'm just unaccustomed to having an MP who could point to his constituency on a map, after five years under Margaret Beckett...

But I don't mind you pointing out the whole world championship thing, it was very nice of you.