Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just how much of a celeb am I?

Let's just look a bit more closely at last night's "clever celebrities" lineup on Watchdog, and bear in mind that they invited me to be on it only for me to turn them down because of the Welsh Memory Championship. The team consisted of Keith Chegwin, Konnie Huq and Iain Lee. Those are all Real Celebrities! Okay, I'm sure even they would agree that they're not exactly A-list superstars, but they're all unquestionably people who the man on the street would describe as celebrities, rather than people who've been on the telly once or twice. Except possibly Iain Lee, who I had to look up on the internet, but he's got his own radio show, so he must be cool.

And they wanted me on the team too! I'm really chuffed by this. That means I must be a genuine famous person! I'm quite serious, by the way - I realise that there are people in the world who wouldn't consider it a high point in their career to be listed alongside Cheggers and her off Blue Peter, but I really do! This really is fantastic stuff, and I'm all delighted! I wish I'd blown off the memory competition and done Watchdog now...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ben the Big Celeb.

Now they want you all the more Ben :-)

If it makes you feel any better, Iain is know to most of the people in Britain that stay awake until about 11pm-1pm which is a lot of people.

Lets hope they don't invite you next year !


Anonymous said...

It is very easy to say yes.
It takes a leader to say no.

Tony Blair

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I thought it would be important to let you know that, as the worlds leading decamentathlete that you have also won ten national championships but, it seems to pale in comparison to somebody commenting from number ten ! Nice one. Better than any night with a bottle of whisky with cheggers !


Ace* said...

How cool would it have been if that were really Tony Blair commenting on your blog - that would certainly be an indicator of fame lol

Geoff said...

I've never heard of any of the 3 'famous' people listed.

Zoomy said...

So, wait, you think that wasn't the real Tony Blair? Well, that's disappointing. But on the other hand, I bet he wasn't even asked to appear on Watchdog! He was probably much further down on their list of celebrities, after Stu Francis and the taller one of the Chuckle Brothers!

And Geoff, your antipodean upbringing deprived you of Keith Chegwin, you poor thing. I used to think he was really cool.