Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another one to set the video for

Tuesday, 10th February, 10:35pm, BBC1 - "Make Me... Smart". Featuring that loveable World Memory Champion, whatsisname.

I can't promise it's any good, I haven't seen it yet, but hey, it's got me in it.

Also, apparently, this is the UK version, trimmed down to fit BBC1's timeslot (not a great timeslot, incidentally - don't they know I'm a major superstar who should be broadcast in primetime? Between EastEnders and Holby City, say?). There's also a longer, 'international' version that will be making its way around the world via BBC Worldwide, so truly devoted Pridmore-philes will have to track down both of them to add to the constantly-looped video playing on all four wall-sized screens in their Ben-Shrine.


David said...

And I see Eggheads is on hte list which got me thinking: fancy putting together an Eggheads team?

Zoomy said...

Good idea! I'm all in favour!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone paid you money for any of these TV appearances? If not, how come? Everyone on TV earns a fortune, don't they? They're making money from the programmes they broadcast, so they should pay for the content i.e. you.

Zoomy said...

The current trend in TV is to pay as few people, as little money as possible. That's why there's nothing on telly these days except documentaries and reality shows.

But some of these documentaries have paid me money by way of reimbursement for expenses - a thousand quid from one of them and five hundred from another. Which is always worth having, so I'm not complaining. I'm not in this for the money, remember.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the time slot means that Dr. Yip will be shown answering dictionary questions to the rude words people were throwing at him because , people may find it amusing and see that memory is a good laugh and not just a list of abstract items.