Friday, November 14, 2008

Watching Junior Masterchef on Children In Need

Any ten-year-old who knows what dauphinoise potatoes are, let alone how to cook them, is too posh for her own good. Breaded sole indeed. If I was the grand supreme dictator of the universe (and I'm sure it will happen some day), such children will be forced to eat nothing but pizza and chips like normal people.

Anyway, got to go and answer phones. Remember to donate money!


Anonymous said...

Channel 980 on satelite.
They have been to the boots call centre and are going back again later.


SamT said...

I saw that but I never saw ZZ!!
I turned my TV to 972 as the Scottish Version is pants!!

I saw that girl and she also did pea puree, and it was goujons she did no just fish!!

I didn't know what those kind of tatties where till I was much older!