Friday, October 03, 2008

What TV shows have I been on?

I always seem to forget that episode of Child Of Our Time. I just remembered today that I was on it, and I never include that in the list whenever someone asks me which TV shows I've been on. Which doesn't happen as much as it should, incidentally. What's the point of being a star of probably more than ten obscure TV shows if people don't ask you to list them? So, I figured that since I must have fans out there who keep detailed notes about my celebrity exploits, I'd see if there's anything else I've forgotten. By my current reckoning, the list goes:

Central Tonight (a couple of times)
East Midlands Today (possibly only once)
Weakest Link
Child Of Our Time
This Morning
Richard and Judy
The Mentalists
Extraordinary Animals
Superhuman: Genius
The Panel (Ireland)
Caldeirão do Huck (Brazil)

Eleven of them! Are there any others? I have a feeling there might be, but my memory's letting me down...

(Note: tomorrow's blog entry will contain less boasting about how famous I am and more of 'that self-deprecating thing you do, you know, your usual patter', as the BBC documentary person I've been talking to kindly described it)

Ooh, ooh, that thing on Current TV, "He's The Memory Man"! Twelve!


Anonymous said...

What's the one on Current TV ? Not the name obviously but, is it still available or likely to be repeated as, I have never watched the channel ?

Zoomy said...

I don't think anyone has ever watched the channel, with the exception of Al Gore and one friendly guy I met on a train recently who never watches anything else. It's possibly still being shown occasionally, or you can see it on the internet here.