Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm back on the grid!

Woo! Yay! New swanky two-bedroomed, just-down-the-road-from-work, cable-phone-and-broadband-connected flat! If you're ever moving house, I recommend... well, I can't remember what they're called, but they're the first removals firm in the Derby Yellow Pages. And they're cheap, efficient, friendly and didn't lose, destroy or eat any of my posessions. And they were impressed by my trophies, even though the nice-looking ones were packed away in boxes and the only ones they saw were the big ugly metal ones that are awkwardly-shaped and wouldn't fit in anything.

During the excitement of moving, another man on the street recognised me from the telly and said hello. He then turned to his girlfriend and said "He can memorise a whole pack of cards." The girlfriend replied "Yeah, right," in a tone that made it clear she believed he was lying. I'm surprised by this. Is it so completely unbelievable that someone can memorise a pack of cards? Actually, there are quite a lot of people who can do that, you know.


Anonymous said...

What ! You mean other people can do this ! Hmm, a whole pack, lol. If you hadn't been so busy moving maybe you could have demonstrated as, with such beliefs she would have no doubt become curious as to how. A future competitor in the making :-)


Neil said...

I cannot believe you did not have a deck in your pocket at the time, even if you were moving home lol!

Neil said...

Oh one more thing, memorizing a deck of cards is easy if you learn how!

However, doing it two cards at once the Ben way is not easy, unless your Ben!