Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hooray, I'm home!

Despite a slightly awkward moment going through security at Charles de Gaulle airport when the machine picked up an undeclared bottle of liquid, an unidentifiable big heavy object and lots of sophisticated-looking timing devices in my rucksack. But I managed to explain without too much difficulty that the timers are used for timing memorisation of cards in memory competitions, that the big thing was the trophy I won at the UK Memory Championship and that despite the above I had put a half-drunk bottle of coke in my bag and completely forgotten it was there. I drank the coke without exploding and the security people seemed satisfied.

As for the competition itself, I won't say much except that I was rubbish. I still won, so obviously I wasn't all that rubbish, but it definitely showed that I hadn't done any training. Got to get on with it now for the next month.

Good food, though - at lunch, we had a waiter who bravely attempted to talk with us in French, English and German, as necessary, which led to a fun multilingual bacon/Schinken/chicken confusion. And in the evening we had crepes, in the proper French style. And I got to see lots of sights in Paris!


SamT said...

Did you go to the Moulin Rouge, see can can dancers etc?

Boris said...

Who took part?
What was your final score?

Zoomy said...

Sorry, no can-can, but I still had a good time. It was me, Gaby, Idriz and two new French people called Francois (enthusiastic newcomer) and Olivier (complete beginner).

My score was something like 5500 - I got just two packs (attempting eight) in 10-min cards, 360 in 15-min numbers and two failed record attempts in the speed cards.