Thursday, August 28, 2008


The somewhat inaccurately named 99p Shop in Derby is selling 2-litre bottles of Pepsi for 79p. This is a bad thing for those who are trying to lose weight but can't resist a bargain or a sugary drink. I mean, diet Pepsi is the same price, but that tastes like wee, so I'm forced to buy the unhealthy stuff.

I really should be making an effort to be slender and beautiful right now, because I quite literally can't set foot out of doors at the moment without being recognised. Every time I go out in public, somebody is waiting to compliment me on my amazing memory abilities. Everybody seems very impressed by it, funnily enough, although I didn't think I came across as much of a genius. Nobody's stopped me in the street to say "Ha ha, you're the one who's got no job!" yet, either.


Anonymous said...

Tesco's own brand coke, 20p a bottle!

I like it :-)

Anonymous said...

for 2 litres.

Anonymous said...

When and if you ever desire anonymity again, remove the mystery cape.

SamT said...

It be up to its dearer price soon enough, says she who cannot resist the fact her £ store every so often has 70% Sprungli/ Lindt for cheapo amounts and buys lots!
And a bargain isa bargain I say!
Also enjoy the spot light, you are entitled to your 15 mins of fame, and I am impressed you haven't been arrested by wearing that super hero costume!