Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yah! Fatty!

You'd think, with being unemployed and penniless and everything, that I'd be losing weight, but in fact I'm pretty sure I'm doing the reverse just lately. Looking at some of the pictures from the party on Saturday, I have to admit I look decidedly blubbery. I'm giving that weighing machine in Woolworth's a wide berth. I need a job that involves a good long cycle ride or walk every day. Or in a liposuction clinic that gives free sucks to its accountants.

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Anonymous said...

Do UK businesses have sex quotas? If they do, you may consider scheduling two interviews; one as you, and one as Benjolie Pittmore – wearing the wig and dress for the later of course. And don’t forget to ask the interviewer, “Does this wig make me look fat?”