Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm feeling quite optimistic about abstract images now. With any luck, and any practice, I'm aiming to get a reasonably high, Gunther-worrying kind of score maybe not at the Derby competition this weekend, but at the German, UK and World championships.

I'm not sure, all in all, how I'll get on at the Derby championship (assuming I'm able to compete rather than having to arbitrate, which still isn't certain). I'm not going to get much more chance to practice this next week - lots of documentary filming, a trip to Matlock to talk about schools memory demos, probably an unnecessary trip to Cambridge to return some clocks I've ended up with, maybe if I find a spare moment even some job-hunting. But I think I'm in half-decent form, and it'll be good practice to spend a whole weekend memorising - it's the long-lasting concentration I really need to work on. Assuming I get to compete, that is.

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