Friday, April 04, 2008

Celebrity news

All the many fans of The Mentalists might like to know that it's my grandma's birthday on Sunday. She's 88, and it's surprising how difficult it is to find a birthday card with two fat ladies on it. She's also suffering with bronchitis at the moment, so I'm sure she'd appreciate any get-well-soon comments you might like to leave on the blog.

I've also got a rotten cold today, and could do with some get-well-soons. So, I suppose, could Prince Philip, since he's in hospital with a chest infection. Grandma is pleased to be sharing an ailment with the Duke of Edinburgh (who's a year or so younger than her) although she isn't a big fan of his, being of the opinion that he was a lovely, handsome man until around the age of thirty, when he became a miserable old fart. She feels it's the Queen's fault.


The people of Earth said...

...we wish Grandma Zoomy a most happy birthday and a grand hope of get-well-soon.

Ian said...

Hi Ben. Hope you and Dorothy get well soon! Congrats on the job!

Katy said...

Hope she gets well soon and had a great birthday. Pass on our best wishes.