Friday, March 21, 2008

Look, it's the Easter Bunny!

No, actually, it's just me, bouncing up and down with excitement at having four days off. As I've mentioned before, bank holidays are so much more cool when you're otherwise working for a living. So, since the situation clearly calls for making it less fun by planning out what I'm going to do, I will do some serious memory training over the next four days, I'll come to a definite decision about whether to write 'teach yourself How To Be Clever' (I ummed and ahhed over email to the publisher, but they'd probably prefer a real answer some time this century), and I'll get a haircut. That ought to keep me busy.


Anonymous said...

Precarious situation, how do you decide which hair will be cut?

Anonymous said...

I'm worried that calling yourself an 'Easter Bunny' might damage your image abit. You ain't no bunny girl kid.

Jemfo said...

Happy Easter. May I have a hug?