Monday, February 18, 2008


At least one, possibly two job interviews tomorrow, depending on whether one agency gets back to me tomorrow morning before I leave for the interview arranged by another agency at another company. Both jobs are in horribly out-of-the-way places that would need me to relocate or cycle long distances if I got them, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

On the other hand, employment in another sense looks like it might be possible at some point in the future - branching out from our university demos into demos for businesses, charging money this time and justifying it by using this money to subsidise schools demonstrations and competitions. Sounds like it could be fun, although it's a lot of work.

Anyway, going up to Dundee tomorrow night for another uni demonstration, after all the excitement of the interviews. I'll be worn out. Luckily, I've spent all day today reading Harry Potter fan fiction on the internet, just to conserve energy for the rigours ahead.


Geoff, Your Editor said...

If by: "reading Harry Potter fan fiction on the internet" you actually mean: "working hard finishing my book". Then good work! Keep it up.

SamT said...

pack your thermals for dundee.
oh and a foghorn, the eats coast is now covered in a haar.

SamT said...

oops EAST, my mind was on food it seems, lol