Friday, January 11, 2008

Mentalists follow-up

Thanks for all the comments, one and all! Since practically everyone who commented on last night's entry included a question, here are the answers:

Lewis: Yep, I'm the only person mad enough to have one image for each pair of cards. I'm pretty sure it's the way of the future, though, and a few other people are experimenting with it right now. Incidentally, do I know you? I'm not aware that I know anyone called Lewis, except the Derby County players Lewis Price and Eddie Lewis, and I don't actually know them, I just memorised their names this morning.

Ian: I'm next on the telly on January 29th, co-starring with those loveable memory monkeys. And you can rest assured that I'm going to train hard and beat Gunther this year! Definitely!

Mike: I just don't like pain au chocolat. I'm very much in favour of chocolate and don't have any particular objection to bread, but put them together and serve it to me for a French breakfast and the thought makes me ill. Give me a bread and butter pudding made with stale white bread any day of the week. Incidentally, I have three regular blog-commenters called Mike - I can usually deduce which one is commenting by what they say (subtle clues such as the fact that only one of the Mikes I know cohabits with an Emma), perhaps you guys could give me more of a clue? Mike D, Mike C and other Mike C, for example?

Ace: I just don't like pain au chocolat. But Ashley can certainly have an autograph, if I can give him a cuddle.

Mike C: I've known you longer than the other Mike C, so you're "Mike C" instead of "other Mike C". No, there isn't a website about me, and I'm not going to make one either. Why would I want one? To tell the world I'm great? The world already knows that!

Katy: Thanks! Here's a summary of things people have said to me about the documentary - "I especially loved Zoomy's grandma, she's so sweet", "your gran is cool", "your gran came across as a lovely wee wifie". I don't know why they bothered to put me, Ed and Gunther in the film at all...

Sam: Was I one of the pillocks on there?

Well, I was on Radio Derby this morning, they invited me on as a sort of follow-up to last night's TV. Much to my satisfaction, they didn't ask me to memorise cards for once, but instead gave me a load of Derby County statistics instead - all the current squad with their numbers, all their results this season, and Robbie Savage's disciplinary record. And even more to my satisfaction, I memorised them all perfectly! Even the names! I'm very happy with myself!

And what's more, this weekend, there will be Training, with a capital T! I've been doing well this week, I've done a half-hour cards, half-hour numbers and half-hour binary, plus a whole lot of speed cards, over the last five days. I think I might be able to try some hour numbers and cards without my mind wandering. If I can do a real pile of practice this weekend, I'll know I'm back on song.


Goran said...
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Goran said...

Incidentally the show has made it online. So I get to see it. Yay!

Torrent details image below.

Lewis said...

Hi Ben, thanks for answering my question.

Nope I haven't met you, so you don't know me.

I actually heard about you and your memory training from wikipedia and a few other sites months ago. I read an online memory tips page that you wrote a while ago ( Sorry, I forget what site it was ). I have practiced using your method and a tweaked version in an attempt to remember a pack of playing cards.

I have no idea how you can get it down to 26 seconds, I have done 47 seconds a fair few times, however anything below that and I suffer brain meltdown :-)

Good luck


Anonymous said... has the torrent, I'm very excited!

Mike-inho said...

Mike C ???
Sounds like I've joined the Spice Girls.

I've racked my brain from A to Zee and I am synthesising a blogger alias.

Your web site could just read:
"Why should I have a web site when everybody already knows just how great I am?"

Katy said...

If it makes you feel better about getting all the comments about your grandma - Tracy phoned me while it was on to get your e-mail address (no net access at home though, so she won't be able to contact you immediately) and said you looked very uncomfortable being filmed and in need of a hug! She also said how impressed she was.

Sam said...

No, you weren't one of the pillocks, we were rooting for you. The hankerchief scene was a particular favourite as well.