Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This Morning, this afternoon and my pants

This Morning was great fun. They cut my bit shorter than planned to make way for some 'breaking news' about Madeleine McCann (I tell you, it's hard to be a minor celebrity right now), but I still got to chat with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton, memorise a pack of cards and impress an audience of millions. Well, thousands, at least, I'm not sure what kind of viewing figures they get. I also got Phillip to give me an autograph for my grandma ("To Dorothy, lots of love"), which will make her day - she fancies him. Meeting him was rather groovy for me too, I grew up watching him presenting children's BBC and it's strange to realise that he's actually a real person.

This afternoon, I had to hurry back to Derby for my interview with DHL. However, I got a bus that I thought would take me there only to find that it had dropped me at a different DHL place miles away, with no way to get to the right place. So no new job there, but never mind. If I can't get there by public transport, it's not the job for me anyway.

Also, I'm confused about my pants. I have two pairs of green tartan boxer shorts that are seriously falling to pieces ('more holey than righteous', as Grandma says), so I don't wear them much. At least I think I don't, but I've noticed that every time I take a load of washing out of the machine, those old green pants are in there, without me remembering wearing them. It's very strange. Is someone breaking into my flat on a regular basis, wearing my pants and putting them in the wash?


Jabba said...

I really should read your blog more often Zoomy. Specially as I had today off work. Curses!

Should I get you some brand new boxer shorts for your birthday?

Ellen said...

Hi Ben,

Glad you had a good time at This Morning! Funnily enough I was up there as well yesterday meeting Phillip after the show.....he is such a nice guy!!!


P.S. Did you see any women outside the studio with "Phil Fan" badges on? if you did that was us!!! :)

Mike said...

Ah yes, I can picture it now:
"Now! From 'Talking telephone numbers' to 'memorising telephone numbers'...."