Monday, August 20, 2007


Ugh, I really am feeling rotten today. Just thought I should let you know, in case anyone wants to give me a hug to make me feel better, or something. Hope I get rid of this cold before the world championships. But speaking of which, the Sunday Times want to talk to me now! That's definitely a step in the right direction from the Daily Mail! Although what with work and needing some last-minute practice, I could do without the distraction...


jemfo said...


Gregory said...

PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME ONE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME AND EXPLAIN YOUR CARD STRATEGY!!! I have scoured all over the internet for details but cant find specifics.
So here are my questions.

1. When you go through the deck how many cards do you use per image (and thus how many stages on your journey do you have: for example if you use 2 cards per each stage say a person and an action you would need a 26 stage journey and if you used 4 cards per image you would need a 13 stage journey. How many stages are your journeys and how many cards do you use per image?
I personally use 2 cards for each image and have a 26 stage journey. Should I use more cards per image and have less stages?

I came up with a four card per image journey that consisted of
Person/Action/Object/Animal but found it far slower than the simpler Person/Action(or Object just a link to remember)

2. How do you go through the deck? I personally just flip it over and start reading it right to left.

I started doing this in July and I am completely stuck at 1:45. I cant get any faster. I am curious if my method doesnt work.

I have read everything about you and in your latest interview you claimed to use pairs, but I dont know if thats entirely true. Please clarify for me. I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

Gregory said...

If you are wary of disclosing your secrets at least answer the very simple question of how many cards you use per image and thus how many stages are in your journey.

Also when memorizing numbers how do you group them? I personally just do four at a time 2 digits representing a person and 2 digits action/object.

I actually just follow the Dominic Obrien System to the letter. Do you do so too?

Zoomy said...

Try scouring this part of the internet: Starting with this one.

Anonymous said...
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Katy said...

Hey darlin', hope you feel better soon. Shnuzzles. By the way - how did your interview go on Friday, or did you decide against going along?

Simon said...

I hope you will be well soon! And Gregory: You will find out that Mr. Pridmore is kindly sharing many of his "secrets". By the way, I could advise you (If I may) that it is always best to try finding a system that works for you, not for Mr. O'Brien.

Why don't you try a simple "52-objects(and persons)"-system, which is less confusing.

You can get faster by deliberately going over your limits, accepting the incompleteness that follows and trying to fill it, bit by bit and try by try, always keeping the pace. It works for nearly every memory related discipline.

And Ben really has a "pair-system", I have one, too, but just lately. It seems to take about twice as long as the 1.000 number images to be really effective, and I am not half the way there. But it feels not bad, a bit like switching gears.