Monday, July 02, 2007

Potters Bar

Ah, the Mind Sports Olympiad returns! I got the schedule and entry form in the post today. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to bother with it this year, though. All the really fun events either aren't there any more or have been shrunk down to nearly nothing. Othello is only one little 15-minute tournament, taking up 3½ hours, for which anyone who wants to just play in that will have to pay £12. What would be good there, actually, would be a memory competition. It'd be great if there was a full world-championship-standard event, for people who can't get to Bahrain a couple of weeks later. I wonder if I could organise one, if I could get a gang of people to help?

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Anonymous said...

I completely unofficially think it's probably slightly more likely than not that there'll be another MSO this year in a very similar format to last year's event. Speak up early enough and I'm sure we could make space on the schedule for a memory event, if you (or someone) were there to run it, and I have a reasonable idea of a location within the complex which might be quiet enough to permit the concentration required for the competition to run.