Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mouse 1, trap 0

I set a trap last night for the mouse in my house, who I've decided to call Sniffles so that I feel even more guilty about killing him, but he not only ate the peanut butter without getting squished, but managed to break the trap so that it can't be set again. I'm dealing with a super-genius rodent here. But I've got another one now, and baited it with chocolate (and I tell you, giving up a bit of my Yorkie is a major sacrifice for me). And if that fails, I've got "Rodine mouse & rat killer", which I assume is what the cool kids are calling rat poison these days. There's a drawing on the front of a seriously evil-looking mouse and rat. But I'm reluctant to use this because it says on the back that "rats normally die within a week of eating Rodine, mice may take a little longer." Seriously, what kind of puny poison is this? Mice only live a year or so anyway, does this stuff actually do anything or are they just hedging their bets that it'll die of natural causes within a couple of weeks of eating it? And slowly poisoning poor little Sniffles is even more cruel and heartless than setting a trap to hopefully kill him quickly.

You know, I'm going off this whole mouse-killing idea. Maybe I'll get rid of the trap and just leave him alone.


Anonymous said...

Petroleum Jelly
Peanut butter and cheese
Some sort of incline

1) Spread a generous amount of petroleum jelly around the inside circumference of the bucket.

2) Combine/roll peanut butter and cheese mixture into little balls, and place in the bucket.

3) Place the bucket on the floor, near the wall(preferably a corner). Set the incline on the floor and the bucket, so that its' end goes well over the inside rim.(So the little bugger can see the reward.)

4) Trail some of the mixture on the floor and the ramp.

5) After he jumps in, he can't climb out.

Geoff said...

Why do I suspect the next blog will be in about a weeks time detailing Ben's ordeal of being trapped in a bucket due to some accident whilst setting up this elaborate scheme.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully for all of us devotees to "Zoomy's Thing," Geoff's prophetic abilities are spot on... :}

Jeremy Das said...

We had a mouse once, and my humane mousetrap worked perfectly:

Take one shoebox. Cut a small circular hole in the middle of its lid. Cut the end off a sock. Attach the sock to the hole, inside the lid. Put some cheese in the sock. Remember to tape down the lid in such a way that you'll be able to remove it when you set the mouse free. Leave and wait. Our mouse was captured the night the trap was tried.

Ours was taken to Charnwood Forest on the assumption that it might be a homing mouse but where you take your mouse is between you and it. You could keep it as a pet and tell people it's a new kind of gerbil.