Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chewing gum for the eyes

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday after lifting my ban on showing off is that my Current TV 'pod' (that's what they call them. It's not my fault if no normal channels want to show programmes about me) is now available on the internet for anyone to see. Just click here. At least, that works in the UK and Ireland, I can't promise anything for the rest of the world. Search your local Current TV website and see what comes up, Americans.

And for those of you who want to watch something a little more worthwhile, I thought I'd do something a bit different tonight and, rather than thinking of something to write about, post a few YouTube videos I love. Hey, I do this very, very rarely, and normally this blog is cool and different. Besides, you can't deny this is a lot more entertaining than my normal posts.

Here's a very young Bob Dylan singing "Mr Tambourine Man" live at a folk festival in 1964. Absolutely wonderful.

KT Tunstall doing "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", doing all the percussion and backing vocals herself by means of a foot-operated tape-looping device.

Give your inner hippy a treat with Devendra Banhart and "Little Yellow Spider"

You can't watch this and not cry. The Muppets sing "Just One Person" in tribute to Jim Henson.

Okay, that's got them out of my system (and hopefully into your brains forever). Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


welshjim said...

I always thought zoomy was because you are so bloody fast at memory things!!

ha ha!! "I've forgotten what this one is for actually" ... thats quality, if only I could get to that level one day!

welsh jim

Jemfy said...

I could see it just fine, thanks for posting. (I turned in my key to the old apartment, so I now have no pay TV at all). I liked that video!