Monday, November 27, 2006

Dogdyke, Tumby Woodside and Trouble House Halt

Part two of the when-I-were-a-lad reminiscences from yesterday - Tumby Woodside railway station, of all things, has a page on Wikipedia. Now, I grew up in Tumby Woodside, and I've never quite understood why it gets listed as a funny place name quite as often as it does. Not when you can walk a mile down the road and find yourself in No Man's Friend or New York, anyway. Lincolnshire is full of sillier names by far. Mavis Enderby, Claxby Pluckacre, Norton Disney, Anton's Gowt, dozens of them.

A book review here of Bill Bryson's book that I haven't read, "Notes From A Small Island", lists the following strange English place names: "Great Shagging, Coldbath Square, Little Puking, Old Toejam, the Buggered Ploughman, Ram's Dropping Bypass, Tumby Woodside, Shepherd's Bush, The Butts". Now, to me at least, good old Tumby Woodside sticks out like a sore thumb from that list. Perhaps there's some double meaning that people who have lived there are just automatically oblivious to?

Not that I'm not grateful to Flanders and Swann for picking the station out of the list of Beeching victims, it gives me another great claim to fame. And speaking of fame, thank you to the person who updated my own Wikipedia page last night and even added a link on the QEGS page. I really wasn't dropping a hint in yesterday's entry, you know. And though I don't want to seem ungrateful, I'm not sure I can allow the assertion that I'm 'one of England's best othello players' to stand. Not to mention the line that I recently quit my job and started a career as an author - that really does suggest much more coherent forward-planning than I can honestly take credit for.

Of course, I'm too modest to amend my own entry to, for example, include my other world records (hour cards and ten minute cards). Not dropping a hint, there.


Danni said...

Where can I find a list? I have a Wikipedia account :D (I don't want to get them wrong.)

Anonymous said...

Apparently someone at wikipedia agrees with you and thinks you are not notable enough.
Does the zoomy army need to dig up all your press coverage for them?

Anonymous said...

Yes, those editors are inflicted with ARD. (Anal Retentive Disorder)

(I’m just say’in…) There are numerous “Adult” entertainers who they consider “notable” -- Poor Ben… If only you really were a porn star in the ‘70s…then you’d be notable enough for a proper entry.

Zoomy said...

Well, I'm shocked, horrified, heartbroken and devastated by these accusations of not being notable. I think I could maybe qualify if we tracked down the various articles about me here and there, but I think it's probably best not to bother.

Or we could edit the entry so that it says I WAS a seventies porn star and see if anyone complains then!

Anonymous said...

From the bbc h2g2:

Tumby (n.)
Someone so fat you can’t help staring at their stomach when talking to them.

Tumby Woodside (n.)
Area of forest required to construct the coffin for a dead Tumby (qv).

;op I couldn't find anything helpful about the genuine derivations.

Anonymous said...

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