Friday, June 09, 2006


Don't worry, I'm not going to go on and on about the World Cup for the next month. I know that quite a large proportion of my small but loyal readership don't like the game. Plus I have readers from the USA, who won't know what the rest of the world is talking about for the next several weeks, so I'd hate to add to their confusion. But just for tonight, football fever hits even this determinedly-different section of the blogosphere. I love the World Cup.

What's more, this is the first World Cup for years and years and years that hasn't been disturbed by having to study for exams! In 2002 I was taking my CIMA accountancy qualification round about now. In 1998 it was the AAT (the inferior accountancy qualification), while in 1994 I was dedicated to not revising for my A Levels. Back in 1990 I was in the third year and just had normal exams that didn't count for anything (I distinctly remember blaming the World Cup for me doing so badly in them), so you have to go back a whole twenty years to those halcyon days of 1986, when I was a few months shy of ten years old, to remember the happy combination of a World Cup and no revision. And it was in Mexico that year and half the games were after my bedtime. I don't remember paying any attention to the 1982 tournament, and back in 1978 I was distracted by my parents having another baby right in the middle of it. I told them at the time that it was a bad idea, but they wouldn't listen.

I'm currently cheering Ecuador on against Poland. You never know, with enough positive vibes coming from me, they might surprise everyone and win!


small one said...

"Plus I have readers from the USA, who won't know what the rest of the world is talking about for the next several weeks"

Just goes to show that you blog without doing your research. PPPBBBBTHTHTH!!!

Anonymous said...

*tongue in cheek* Hey Ben, as sad as it may be, to me your blog is the rest of the world...

Zoomy said...

See what I was saying a couple of months ago? I only get comments when I insult people (or a nation of 300 million people if I'm feeling adventurous). I can only conclude that if this blog consisted of nothing but being rude about everyone in the world, it would be the universe's most popular website!

Anonymous said...

What about the inquiry of the soggy crisps? my pants.

I've decided that I'll conclude all future comments to you with, "in my pants."

No specific reason for this at this my pants.

If you're really rude, and display a little more of your bosom, perhaps you'll get your own game my pants.